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Union Level Consultation Workshop on Formation of WMO (WMG & WMA) at Nasirabad UP

Md. Abul Hashem, former Principal Agronomist-Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) and Agriculture Specialist of ISPMC, Faridpur who has given special thanks to attended community peoples of Nasirabad union. He has explained the main objectives of the SAIWRPMP-AF in the Southwest region of Bangladesh. He discussed the needs of WMGs & WMAs formation of the project as because without active participation & WMGs involvement, our project will not sustain or success. Hereafter Mr. Abdul Matin, Deputy Chief Extension Officer of PMO who has also given thanks to the attended peoples in this workshop. He also expressed his opinion that water board is trying to do the work timely and your active participation is needed.Project description through Power Point Presentation (PPP) MD. Hafizur Rahman, Deputy Chief Extension Officer (DCEO), SAIWRPMP-AF, BWDB presented the WMO (WMG & WMA) formation & development processes one by one through PPP.He presented the previous day workshop slides which wa

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Union Level Consultation Workshop on Formation of WMO (WMG &WMA) at Hamirdi UP

Md. Ataul Haq, Deputy Team Leader (DTL) of SAIWRPMP-AF welcomed to all attended participants. He also gave a thanks to honorable UP Chairman & members to attend this program. First time we will work to your upazila area in priority basis. We will follow the Participatory Water Management Rules-2014. He requested to all the participants to coordinate & cooperate to our team for successful project implementation activities. It is your project not to others. We will work to reduce water logged crisis to your areas by following participatory way as well as maintaining "Bottom Up approach". Our main objectives are to enhance agricultural & fisheries production in this areas, so that different types of international/ national improve technology will introduce. Project will provide training to related community peoples, as a result peoples will learn more and apply to their fields for better production. Stakeholders will be benefited and our country will be developed. We hope all the success

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